Arequipa is a Peruvian beautiful city with old colonial architecture and young lamas. Many tourists visits this city because of its history and grandiose environment around it: volcanos, mountains, canyons and national parks.

Mini expedition to Colca Canyon

Паўдневая Амерыка 2013-2014

The canyon is not your typical visit to a museum – you have to get a specialist’s help. At least for me with my current travel experience. Moreover in addition to the canyon, the list of attractions in the area includes an immeasurable number of mountains and volcanoes, a couple of which can be seen directly from the roof of my hostel.

Big city Arequipa

Паўдневая Амерыка 2013-2014

Went to Arequipa. Although the bus was of a lower class, terrible and smelly, I had a panoramic seat, so the ride was interesting: it was like watching a movie with chips.